These are one of many types of bulletproof vests in which civilians and soldiers fight on the Ukrainian front. We have already sent the ballistic plates (also known as body armor plates), to them. Our aim at # 4Ukraine is to deliver legal deliveries from all over the globe. We know how to do it, but to do it we need your help. Sadly, we are collecting fewer and fewer funds. Everybody gave what they could. But the war is not over yet ... It was inevitable that it would become more difficult. That the motivation and the first unconditional response to help would gradually fade away. But, just like them there at war, here in a safe country we must do everything we can to be able to continue supporting those in need.

The photo shows Kasia and our friend Sasza. Instantly, he left his home and with the support of # 4Ukraine he moved from the United States to Ukraine to join his compatriots in the battle against the enemy.

In response to the question of whether he was afraid, he replied: "Yes, there are times when I am afraid... Because you know, I don't know how it is there, I don't know where I will live, what awaits me, will I come back. But these moments don't last long. Immediately come confidence and strength. We have to do so, we can only win this war together!”

Therefore, we renew our appeal. Let us not give up. Just as they don't give up despite their doubts and lack of strength.

We ask you for donations, sharing and support in finding donors, thanks to whom the purchase and delivery of such vests, as well as other products necessary to survive, will be possible!

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And so that our post does not appear too sad, because a smile cannot leave us regardless of the situation, we draw your attention to the photobomber. This is Ventyl - our member of the # 4Ukraine team that looks astonishingly like another brave dog looking for anti-personnel mines called Patron you may know from the media!

For health and life of Ukrainian people by OTAKOYI